May 7, 2008

Diamond leaves Slamdance

Stalwart Slamdance features programmer Sarah Diamond, who has enjoyed a terrific eight year run at Park City's little festival that could, is stepping aside from her post atop the fourteen year old festival to pursue a career in law. She will surely be missed by everyone in the independent film community who has had the opportunity to cross her path. During her run, Slamdance's stature as a true independent alternative too the indiewood dominated Sundance Film Festival has grown exponentially, its features programming has continued to become more nuanced while its dedication to short filmmakers has never wavered. Even as it has been challenged in recent years by the emergence of SXSW, Slamdance has remain relevant, in part because of Diamond's efforts. On a slightly personal note, Sarah has been a big supporter of my film work ever since I screened at Evangeleo at Slamdance several years ago and I wish her the best in whatever her future endeavors may be and extend an open invitation to buy her drinks at Moe's if she ever finds herself in Brooklyn.