Nov 21, 2008

Best Film Not Playing at a Theatre Near You hits MoMA this weekend

For the fourth consecutive year Filmmaker Magazine will present its nominees for the Best Film Not Playing at a Theatre Near You at MoMA, in prelude to the announcement of the winner at this year's Gotham Awards. I was given the great pleasure and privilege of being on the panel for the second year running. I was privy to a terrific crop of films, a better field from which to choose our finalists than in my first year. I'm very fond all each of the films and I think they represent a diverse cross section of American independent production, from artisanal, DIY narratives to personal memoirs, from animation to indie naturalism to rigorous formalism, we picked films that are an accurate reflection of the varied modes our independent cinema has to offer.

I've interviewed The New Year Parade's Tom Quinn and Afterschool's Antonio Campos for this blog and Sita Sings the Blues' Nina Paley over at Spout. Here also are links to reviews of Afterschool,Taylor Greeson's Meadowlark and Jake Mahaffy's Wellness from Hammer to Nail and a link to my Slamdance coverage of The New Year Parade for Filmmaker.

I'll be on hand to introduce the 1:30 screening of The New Year Parade and 5:30 screening of Afterschool on Sunday. Q&As will follow with the filmmakers. Hope to see you there.