Apr 24, 2009

Shameless Plugs, part 1: Nowhere Kids & Quase Todo Dia

Although I'm not covering the Tribeca Film Festival this year, which looks to have a leaner and more potent lineup in its eighth edition, I want to bring some attention to a pair of films that I had a small hand in producing, both of which are on display for Gotham audiences tonight.

Eric Juhola's short film Nowhere Kids, starring CEC contributor Evan Louison and The Pleasure of Being Robbed's Eleonore Hendricks, is a short, fictional rumination on the origins of some of the young characters found in Randy and Jeremy Stulberg's Gotham award nominated documentary Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa. Gandja Monteiro, who recently won best director at the NYU feminist film festival FUSION for her 2007 short film She's A Blur, is at Tribeca with Quase Todo Dia (Almost Every Day) a gorgeously shot tale of two irresponsible parents, young and consumed with themselves, and the child they allow to wander alone in Rio.

Both films can be seen tonight at the AMC Village VII. 6:15 for Nowhere Kids and 9:30 for Quase Todo Dia.