Jan 4, 2010

New Year Linkage

I'd be remiss not to extend a happy new year's greeting to my readers. I hope you like myself, escaped the first weekend of the new decade unscathed. The news wasn't any better than it had been for most of the disappointing year that preceded twenty ten (Yemenese terror plots shut down the US and UK embassies, Ugandan homocidal anti-gay laws advancing, the Bengals and Bearcats losing by a combined 88-24), but there remains, even in this pessimistic age, something about the beginning of each new year that beckons our natural human instinct toward optimism.

I've been active elsewhere in the past few weeks, so I thought I would provide some linkage. Just before the new year I wrote a piece looking back at the decade that was over at Filmmaker. It's a very personal piece, but it also contains a list of fifty cherished films from the decade that I think is as eclectic as any you'll find among the myriad decade in review lists flowing out of the mediasphere. Also, check out Filmmaker and Hammer to Nail's best indies of the decade roundups and my ballot for this year's indieWIRE critics poll.