Jun 3, 2010

We're on Hiatus. We'll be back this summer.


Dustin said...
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Dustin said...

Dear Brandon-

My name is Dustin Schwartz and I appreciate the international film news and such that you showcase on your blog. I really enjoy independent and international films, too, and I'm actually interning for an independent production company, Belladonna Productions, in New York City. I thought I might tell you about the feature film- DIVIDED- by writer/director Michael Johnson. It is the story of a heart-wrenching love-triangle set in Berlin during the first days of the Berlin Wall.

DIVIDED is being produced by Linda Moran and Rene Bastian of Belladonna
Productions ("LIE", "Transamerica", "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints",
"Mulberry Street", "Funny Games"). The film is currently in development and
we are hoping to shoot the movie in Berlin later in 2010.


A young couple’s lives and loyalties are divided by the Berlin Wall.

During the overnight construction of the Berlin Wall, a young woman makes it
across the closing border but her husband is left behind in the east. The
dilemma unfolds when she falls in love with the American GI she enlists to
bring her husband to the West.

We will be launching a website soon with more info on the production. For
now we will let people know about updates through our Facebook page:

Check it out and contact me with any questions that you have about the film.

All the best-


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