Aug 2, 2008

Weekend Notes - What's good, what's not, MVP in Harlem

So I wish I had time to write a full review praising Profit Motive and The Whispering Wind, John Gianvito's miraculous lefty historical grave robbing doc, "inspired by" Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, which I initially saw at Tribeca and which opened yesterday for a weeklong run at Anthology Film Archives. I also wish I had the time to dedicate 800 words or so to how all the critics out there bending over backwards to call the fairly ugly HDV lensing of the supremely overrated In Search of a Midnight Kiss beautiful clearly need new pairs of glasses. The film isn't impressive visually and its retread, Before Sunrise meets Swingers in the myspace age fairy tale doesn't hold water and has a profound disconnect from 21st century American dating mores and human nature in general - how desperate must a young, struggling, sexually frustrated writer have to put up with that nut case of a girl!?

Anyways, I don't.

Happy viewing.

Real quick - Melvin Van Peebles Tony nominated 1972 musical Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death is being staged tonight and a few scant times later in August by the Classical Theater of Harlem at Marcus Garvey Park @123rd St, 8pm. Van Peebles, who I recently had the chance to interview, had a new, mostly unwatchable film at Tribeca this year, but (sshhh.....) will be receiving something of a revival later this year due to the graces of some key NYC film institutions that will remain nameless for now.