Sep 16, 2008

David Foster Wallace remembered at N+1

Anyone who follows my facebook newsfeed (likely grand total:0) knows how much I love the Brooklyn based bi-annual literary journal N+1. Published by serious young writers commenting irreleverantly about both the grave, humorous and mundane, it is a superior publication. Along with the book length journal, there website features terrific bi-weekly web exclusive pieces as well. Yesterday, editor and esteemed young novelist Benjamin Kunkel (Indecision) posted a rememberance, or perhaps more apt, a reflection on the work and all too short life of the towering systems novelist David Foster Wallace, who took his own life Friday night at the age of forty-six. Since news of his passing spread Saturday evening into Sunday morning, I've read a number of interviews with the man, read articles about his work and his importance, but none that's stuck with me quite a much as Mr. Kunkel's rumination, found here.