May 20, 2009

Bhala Lough on Weapons DVD @ H2N

After I screened his movie Weapons at Cinema Nolita last month, Adam Bhala Lough and I chatted for a few hours one evening over the telephone about the long, hard road his Sundance 07' Nick Cannon/Paul Dano starer took to DVD obscurity. That conversation is now posted over at Hammer to Nail. I think it might take seeing Bhala Lough's now non-existent director's cut (he has a copy that doesn't include a fully finished version of the movie's bravura opening shot) to appreciate just how powerful that cut of the film was and the damage that a revolving door of meddlesome producers, editors and distribution executives caused by excising and reordering Bhala Lough's one of a kind film. Although its not quite the same terrifying exurban vision Olivia Thirlby claimed was the "greatest movie I've ever seen" on a chilly night in Park City a few years back, but the version that Lionsgate saw fit to release packs quite a punch nevertheless.