Jun 1, 2009

The Believer's JLG in USA and One PM tonight @ BAM

Packaged within this year's The Believer Film Issue is a fascinating disc of shorts detailing Jean Luc Godard's travels through the United States during his "in the wilderness of Maoism" period, stretching roughly from the the late 60s (after the shutdown of the 68' Cannes film festival and his completion of Weekend) through the early 80s, when young Isabelle Huppert graced his comeback to narrative filmmaking, Every Man for Himself. Put together by The Film Desk and BAMCinematek's inimitable programmer Jake Perlin, those shorts as well as the abandoned One PM, a quick sketch of a movie on which Godard collaborated with Rip Torn and the famed cinema verite team of D.A. Penebaker and Richard Leacock, will screen tonight at BAM. I've written at length about both One PM and the shorts at Hammer to Nail.